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The Ripple Effect

You may have noticed that Thanx has been upping their game lately to take better pictures and videos for their social media. Diane’s been thinking a lot about the studio’s online image and has even taken a photography course on taking better photos with her iphone. It seems to be working, as the salon's been humming recently, with a wonderful prom season, an excellent Mother’s Day week, and a higher than average new client count. With Marissa just graduating and starting full time hours in June, there’s a lot to be thankful for at Thanx!

This issue of image has transferred into Di’s personal life as well, as she thinks about how she portrays herself on the internet, as a person and a leader - and even in her dating profile! She’s been more intentional about how she puts herself out there in every aspect of her life and creating content that proudly shows who she is.

We’re all a work in progress. But does your online persona genuinely reflect your authentic self? Are you living up to how you want people to perceive you? Are you willing to be called out if the answer is no?

Di’s recently read Marie Forleo’s book Everything is Figureoutable for the third time and bought copies for the whole Vibe Tribe. Marie has so much enthusiasm for encouraging others. She shares a quote from Hellen Keller about teamwork, “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” One genuine, authentic person can draw people in. That’s true whether you’re looking for friendships, relationships, or work teammates. (If this mentality resonates, Thanx is looking to add to their team and Di would love to speak with you!)

That’s also true with your hairdresser. When someone’s in Di’s chair, she wants them to know they are loved and seen and safe. She sees them, and prays that they see themselves as well. While they’re in her space, she is given the privilege to share authentically about herself in turn.

Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” Every big picture starts with a dot, even peace and love and harmony. If Di can share love with someone in her chair, and they feel joy at being accepted and seen and valued, when they walk out, it’s inevitable that another person will see that joy shining in them. This creates a positive ripple effect one person at a time. As one heart connects to another, love is spread throughout the land.


Simon Sinek shared in a recent blog that when you connect with someone in a positive way that causes a surge of dopamine in both of you. You feel good for making someone else feel good and they feel good because you made them feel good. But the ripples actually extend even further. If a witness sees this moment of kindness, the witness gets a surge of dopamine too.

You can join Di in being part of this ripple effect! No matter what’s happening in politics or the news, we can choose to spread warmth, kindness, and love to those around us. The more people we touch, the more significant our impact.

Give us the privilege of sharing some dopamine with you! You can make your next hair or nail appointment online or call us at 610-779-1900. We hope to see you soon.

This post was written by Amy Miller, freelance writer and Thanx superfan. You can find out more about her writing services and her personal journey at her blog: A Novelist’s Guide to Rewriting Your Life.


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