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Grow Your Stylist Career at Thanx Hair Artistry

Lily styling hair

Thanx is growing, and we’re looking for two additional stylists to join our team. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or right out of beauty school, you might be the right fit if you’re hungry to grow your career in a welcoming, intimate salon where you’ll receive personalized attention and frequent training opportunities.

Our Core Values

Every January our team gets together to set our core values. We’re looking for stylists who are ready to embrace our 2023 values and contribute to 2024’s conversation. This year our focus is to STRETCH ourselves.

S - Shine a Light on Our Wins Daily T - Think Big R - Recharge and Reset Regularly E - Embrace the Suck the No and the Effort (Bad things happen - you gotta move on!) T - Team Leadership Starts With Me C - Challenge the Old Way of Doing and Thinking H - Hope Aside (Don’t just hope for something - proactively make it happen)

What We Offer

Thanx Hair Artistry is a small studio in Exeter, Pennsylvania offering haircuts, hair coloring, highlights, manicures, pedicures, and makeup services. At our Wig Boutique, we provide free wigs and personalized, private fittings for those going through cancer treatment or medically induced hair loss.

If our culture and our services sound intriguing, read on to find out what separates us from other salons.

An Excellent Team

At Thanx you’ll be working closely with owner Diane and stylists Molly and Lilly.

Molly’s been at Thanx for six and a half years, ever since she graduated from beauty school. She appreciates the team environment at Thanx. “We bounce things off each other. Someone will ask, ‘Hey, I’m thinking of this, does this sound good?’ and then someone else might share a different idea from their experience. Di is there if you have questions, comments, or concerns and she always takes the time to offer quick advice or check our work if we need it. I never felt like I was alone or couldn’t ask for help, and that’s been really nice. I’m treated like a person, not a number, and everyone makes time for everyone else no matter how busy we are.”

Lilly studied styling at Votech, and after a brief stint at a larger salon, came to Thanx a few years ago because she preferred the smaller environment. “I didn’t like how they treated assistants at the larger salon,” Lilly shares. “It felt more like a cleaning service, not preparing someone to be behind the chair one day. At Thanx it feels more like a family. At the bigger salon not everyone I worked with knew who I was. Here the staff are really close, and so are the clients. Molly and Di’s clients will ask me questions and chat with me even if I've never touched their head before.”

Personalized Training

All stylists work 1-on-1 with Di until they get on their feet. She’ll tailor their training based on previous experience, but the goal is for new stylists to start working on clients in the first 4-6 weeks if they’re comfortable with that pace. Di will provide foundational skills on styling and client service, while Molly and Lilly fill in important information about the systems we use for shampooing, retailing, and manis and pedis. Thanx will also help you get models to do training sessions and coach you on how to find clientele and connect with the perfect potential client. Training continues throughout your career, with lots of opportunities for continuous education in the salon and with our distributors. Our stylists are always learning and improving, whether they’ve been here six weeks or six years.

Growth Opportunities

As you embrace our core values, your career (and compensation) will grow with you. Stylists are evaluated on how they show up to work – their drive, willingness to learn more, and how well they work together as a team. You’ll receive base compensation with a chance to earn bonuses. PTO starts with one week and increases with time. You’ll also receive an education fund so you can pick classes you want to attend. Thanx has a great internet presence so people can find you and an online booking system that makes it easy for your new clients to schedule their appointments. We’ll provide stellar products from our trusted brands, quality (quiet!) blow dryers, and a bright and rejuvenating salon environment. Finally, we’ll educate you on the business side of salon success to help you grow your clientele.

Leadership That Cares

Diane has been a stylist ever since she graduated from beauty school almost forty years ago! You can read more about her journey and how she came up with the name Thanx Hair Artistry in previous blog posts. She opened Thanx in 2006 to create an inviting and inventive studio where guests could relax and recharge and stylists would be inspired to pursue their passion. While she still sees clients, her focus has recently shifted to investing time, money, and self into becoming a better leader who supports, coaches, and inspires her team to bring out the very best in themselves. As she discovers more about who she is, she’d like to help those around her do the same. She’s excited to find more partners who want to grow alongside herself, Molly, and Lilly.


Thanx is open Tuesday through Saturday, but we can work with you on hours within those parameters. Because we’re a small team, communication is key. We are all accountable to each other, our clients, and to Thanx’s success. We are looking for team members who are career minded and can embrace our culture. We are always open to suggestions from team players - whether that’s on the services you could provide or even the dress code! Because we’re an independent salon and not part of a corporate chain, we’re open to change and are always looking to adapt when it makes sense. This flexibility is based on mutual respect as we collaborate on a common goal–personal and professional excellence as we deliver service that will make our clients say Thanks!

Apply Today to Thanx Hair Artistry

If you’re an adaptable and driven team player, Diane wants to help you achieve the career of your dreams at the best hair salon in Reading! Please submit an application and we’ll be in touch. Not convinced? We’d love to have you shadow us for a day or two so you can meet the team and see for yourself. Give us a call at 610-779-1900 or email us today. We look forward to meeting you!

This post was written by Amy Miller, freelance writer and Thanx superfan. You can find out more about her writing journey and services at her blog: A Novelist’s Guide to Rewriting Your Life.


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