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Reflecting Back and Looking Forward


It’s hard to believe that 2023 is almost over! As we prepare for the final quarter of the year, the team at Thanx has been reflecting back on what we’ve accomplished. We’re also looking forward so we can finish 2023 strong and propel ourselves into an even better 2024, both personally and professionally.

Where have we been?

It’s easy to get caught up in monetary goals. While that scorecard is important, it doesn’t tell the story of how we got there. The tasks we did or didn’t do to get us to our goals – or not. The journey we’ve taken to grow and learn together, opening up and trusting each other. Sometimes it feels like we’re just waiting for a breakthrough. But when we look back with gratitude, it turns out there’s always a lot to be thankful for.

New Faces

This summer we had several outstanding students temporarily join our team.

Taylor, who just finished her freshman year at BCTC, posted on social media that she was looking for her first job in the beauty industry. Di knew that if Taylor had the courage to put herself out there like that, she wanted to meet her! We’re so glad she did.

Ellen isn’t going into the beauty field, but knew Diane from some theater productions they’d both worked on. A talented vocalist and actor, she needed a summer job. Her dynamic leadership personality and creative skills, which included writing for social media, were appreciated by the whole team.

Maggie came back to Thanx for the third year in a row. This biochem major also excels in hospitality and creative writing, and has such a beautiful energy to be around. We are so fortunate to have her even part time.

Finally, we are grateful to have met Ellen’s close friend Marissa, who is a senior in the beauty program at BCTC. As she completes her hours in the spring, she may become a future full time Thanx stylist.

These temporary teammates brought new energy, new ideas, and several extra smiling faces and pairs of hands to help us out this summer. We wish them all well as they return to school to complete their classes, and hope to see them again in the future.

Community Outreach

A real highlight of the year was being featured in the documentary A Beautiful Gift by Kurt Manderbach. Diane has known Kurt for years and was very honored when he wanted to tell the story of the Wig and Makeup Boutique for his Digital Media graduate project. After so much hard work, seeing the final product is awesome! This film is something that can be shared over and over to spread awareness that free wigs are available to those going through medically induced hair loss. Di is humbled to share that the film has been accepted into the Reading Film Fest and will be screened on October 26th, so that more people will experience this inspirational story.

Thanx also promoted the Wig and Makeup Boutique through their new partnership with the Reading Rebels dance team. Through this partnership they’ve gotten to know a great group of talented cheerleaders and dancers, and their coaches. Attending all the games and becoming part of the Rebels’ community was a neat way to network, meet new people, and share what Thanx is all about while supporting an outstanding cause. The Reading Rebels reach out to youth in their community to provide positive role models and show kids that it’s possible to achieve their dreams, no matter their circumstances.

Personal Growth

We’ve also seen so much personal growth from everyone on our team. Lilly and Molly have put in so much hard work to live out our core values each and every day. Di’s focus has been on becoming a better leader so she can support them and all future team members, not just as employees but as people. She’s seen them start to open up to the possibilities of their dreams and the exciting unknowns. She constantly challenges them to remember their why. A fulfilling job needs to be more than a paycheck. She wants to help them understand why they want to be a stylist and then realize that vision. To become a future version of themselves that they haven’t yet considered.

Where Do We Go Now?

As she started to prepare for 2024, Di challenged herself to just shut up and listen. She recently held a “listening meeting” with the team. After reiterating the core values that have been their fundamental guiding principles since January, she challenged them to reflect on whether those values still held up, or should be adjusted for the new year. She asked what the team needed to be successful, and then just sat back and listened. They’d been warned to come with doable ideas about marketing, client connection, and new services. How did they want to serve their guests? Did they have what they needed to do that?

The team now has a clearer picture of what they need to implement together for even more growth in the months and years to come. Things are different than they were in January. We’re all different. But with a clearer picture of our future selves, we can start off 2024 with trust and anticipation. We’ll make mistakes. Everyone does. But if we show up prepared and willing to learn from and encourage one another, we will succeed, as a team and as individuals. Any bit of greatness starts from within!

Feeling Inspired?

If this inspires you to do some self reflection of your own, we’d love to chat about it during your next visit. Why not schedule an appointment today? As you think about what you want to accomplish, a fresh look can give you confidence to live out your own why. Thanx Hair Artistry can provide the space to relax, recharge, and reflect. This post was written by Amy Miller, freelance writer and Thanx superfan. You can find out more about her writing services and her personal journey at her blog: A Novelist’s Guide to Rewriting Your Life.


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