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New Partnership Helps Thanx Spread the Word About our Wig Boutique

Reading Rebels Cheer Team

You may have seen on our socials or in the 422 Business Advisor that Thanx Hair Artistry has sponsored the Reading Rebels Cheer Team. We are thrilled about this new venture and wanted to share what this partnership means to us. (Read our article on page 11 of the March 2023 issue) Who are the Reading Rebels, you may ask? The Rebels are a professional minor league basketball team that came to Reading in 2022. They’re basically the basketball equivalent of the Reading Royals. The team aims to promote leadership and integrity amongst its athletes and empower youth to create positive change in their community and beyond.

When Diane heard that their cheer team was looking for a sponsor, she knew that was a perfect way for Thanx to embrace that mission. Di is a long time cheerleading enthusiast and used to be a cheer coach. She is excited to support these spirited dancers as they entertain and inspire the team and their fans.

This partnership also helps Thanx get their name out in the community to create awareness for their Wig and Makeup Boutique. Every day, thousands of women, men, and children are diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.Thanx Wig Boutique empowers these courageous individuals with a personal and private wig fitting, which allows them, for a brief moment, to forget about their fight. Thanx offers this service to anyone with hair loss due to medical treatments for FREE! We also offer retail wig, hair toppers and extensions solutions to anyone who is experiencing fine thinning hair wanting volume and or length.

I shared in our introductory post how Di started the Wig Boutique twenty-seven years ago to help a cherished client who was going through cancer treatment. Marcy has since celebrated another year of being a survivor, and the boutique she inspired has grown exponentially! There are only seven or eight licenses that grant the legal responsibility of touching someone (professions like doctors, dentists, and massage therapists). Hairdressing is the least invasive touch field. But the endorphins released when someone does your hair creates a bond. Di takes that privilege very seriously. She believes it’s her purpose to share more than just stylist haircuts and fresh colors. She wants to help people feel better about their outward appearance. That is particularly needed when someone is going through medical treatment or they have a condition which affects how they look.

When someone calls Thanx looking for a wig, Di can often recognize what they need just from their tone of voice. It’s a blessing to hear that voice calm as she shares her knowledge and explains how she can help. Di was recently able to reassure a mother whose fourteen year old daughter was in the middle of chemo. There’s always more emotion when a child needs these services. The Wig Boutique has assisted children as young as four as well as adults into their eighties. There is no age limit on self confidence!

Although chemotherapy often springs to mind when someone thinks about medically induced hair loss, cancer isn’t the only reason people come to the Wig Boutique. Chemo drugs are sometimes used to treat other diseases. There are also other conditions that may cause hair loss. Alopecia is a poorly understood autoimmune disorder that loosens hair follicles. We also provide wigs for people with Trichotillomania, which is a mental condition that compels someone to pull out their hair. We’ve received several calls from mothers who don’t fully understand why their daughter is losing hair, but see the way it’s affecting her self-esteem. It’s an honor and a privilege to help these girls regain their confidence.

Diane also does wig styling for local community theaters, which has taught her several tips and tricks that she passes along to those she helps in the boutique. Wig consultations sometimes involve a bit of troubleshooting. A high school student once asked how to wear her wig while playing basketball. After a little research, Diane discovered a YouTube video by a WNBA star offering some pointers, which they were able to try out together.

While it’s inner beauty that matters most, outward confidence lets that beauty shine. At the Thanx Wig and Makeup Boutique, we strive to provide so much more than just a wig. What we really offer is the confidence each person needs to get through a challenging situation so they can go about their lives without being held back by worries about their appearance.

We need your help to spread the word! If you know anyone dealing with hair loss, please encourage them to reach out to us. The initial consultation is completely free. Even if they already have a wig, Diane or Lilly can offer care or styling tips to help them feel more comfortable. To make an appointment, they can call 610-779-1900, email, or book online. This post was written by Amy Miller, freelance writer and Thanx superfan. You can find out more about her writing journey and services at her blog: A Novelist’s Guide to Rewriting Your Life.


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