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Give Yourself the Gift of Self Care at Thanx This Holiday Season

self care isn't selfish

Christmas can be a magical time of year – but there’s often a lot of stress bundled up with all that merriment! As you pack your schedule with holiday parties and cherished traditions, don’t forget to take a little time for yourself to relax and recharge. A trip to Thanx Hair Artistry is a perfect way to treat yourself to the gift of self care this holiday season.

Relaxation is Part of Every Shampoo

Whether you’re coming for your regular trim or a special blowout before your office Christmas party, every hair appointment includes a therapeutic shampoo and scalp massage for maximum relaxation. Your scalp massage is followed by a deep condition. We wrap your head up in a warm towel for a “hair facial” to help the conditioning treatment get a little deeper into the hair shaft for a healthier, shinier finish–and to keep you nice and cozy!

Add a Hand Massage or Paraffin Treatment

While your hair is being pampered, we’d love to give you a hand massage with our Aveda Hand Relief Cream or our Eufora Aloetherapy Cream. Let us melt your stress away! We can even take the relaxation a step further by warming up your cold hands with a paraffin hand treatment. We’ll dip your hands in warm paraffin and encase them in gloves while you finish your shampoo. This will leave your hands feeling soft and indulgent during the busy days to come.

Enjoy a Warm and Festive Beverage

While you’re at Thanx, visit our beverage station to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or a seasonal beverage such as a glass of festive red wine. We also offer cookies or crackers. Life is always better after a snack break!

Breathe in Relaxation

Did you know that Thanx has a diffuser? In addition to smelling divine, aromatherapy can reduce stress. This holiday season, our soothing signature scent is peppermint. This light and subtle aroma will transport you to the North Pole as you enjoy your relaxing escape.

Add a Little Holiday Spirit to your Pedicure

Our talented nail artists would love to discuss holiday colors and designs for your December manicure or pedicure so you can show off your spirit wherever you go. This month our pedicures use a peppermint scrub by Muddy Creek for an extra festive touch.

Find the Perfect Gift For Someone on Your List

You’re here to forget about your to-do list, but we know you love to multitask. Before you go, why not finish some of your shopping? Thanx offers gift certificates, box sets, and stocking stuffers for your friends and family. Surely you know a person or two who would enjoy a little pampering of their own?

Make a Day of It

Want to up your self-care game? Why not bring someone along for a salon day? Spend quality time with a friend, a sister, or your mother (or daughter) while you get your hair and nails done. Couples can even come and get their hair done together. The only thing better than taking some time for yourself in this hectic season is to make sure someone you love is taken care of too!

Why Wait Until the New Year to Start a New Habit?

Do you remember your New Year’s Resolution? If you haven’t gotten to yourself yet in 2022, now’s the time! It’s never too late to start a new habit, like making time for self-care. While we often spend the holiday season focused on giving to others, it’s important that we nourish ourselves as well. When we ignore our physical and emotional needs we’re more prone to burnout, and we won’t be at our best for ourselves or the ones we love. And we may miss out on the joy that’s around us! Your friends at Thanx Hair Artistry want to make sure you give yourself at least one gift this holiday season. Self-care never goes out of style, you don’t have to worry if it fits, and it’s never out of stock! Give us a call at 610-779-1900 or visit our website to book your next appointment. Entrust us with just an hour of your time and we’ll do the rest to make sure you look and feel your best this December!

This post was written by Amy Miller, freelance writer and Thanx superfan. You can find out more about her writing journey and services at her blog: A Novelist’s Guide to Rewriting Your Life.


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